Gather now and listen to the tale of Seabhag, Hunter of the Losgadh clan.

Over the course of Tales of the Free Folk, we and the Players encounter a host of other individuals along the journey. In Annals of the Free Folk, we will get to meet some of these characters and learn about their histories in ways that don’t fit the format of the show.

Cover: Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)

Cover of “Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)” from Musical Fruitcake (2007) by the Klein Four Group. There’s a video of them performing it live here. Originally this was an a cappella arrangement; the guitar in the background was assigned completely by ear but doesn’t sound too incorrect. This is easily my favorite love song ever, being chock full of terrible mathematical puns. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Wave Hands Like Muppet

In this Developer Diary for Tales of the Free Folk, I touch on just how much of Session 10: “Easily Lost” was improvised. I’d like to talk about more, but it was redacted after the fact for revealing too much about stuff I want the players to keep sweating about. Note that some of the material discussed here will contain spoilers from that session, so if you aren’t about that sort of thing, you have been warned.

Dare Not Disappoint

The year is 1976 of the Third Age. The Dúnedain of the North have been defeated, driven north to the Ice-bay of Forochel to starve and freeze. The Witch-realm of Angmar has been overthrown by an army of Men and Elves, and their fearsome ruler left to flee to the shadows. Now the seven leaders of the Rhudaurian Hill-men must reflect on all they have gained from the wars…or all they have lost.

Strangers in the Ruins

In this first-ever Developer Diary for Tales of the Free Folk, I recap some of the information revealed about the four strangers whom the Player Fellowship encounters in the ruins in Session 9: “Cream of Cram”, as well as touch on a few things which made me excited as the GM for the session. Note that some of the material discussed here will contain spoilers from that session, so if you aren’t about that sort of thing, you have been warned.

Shadows of Gûldor

The year is 1324 of the Third Age. King Malvegil of the Dúnadan kingdom of Arthedain has commissioned the construction of several smaller fortresses across the realm in preparation against the possibility that an old, dangerous enemy has established a neighboring presence to the north.


Part 2 of 2. As the Bree Guard finally arrives to the town of Trestlebridge in pursuit of jailbreak fugitives, three of our heroes find themselves at points of decision. Are they bound to their present courses, or will they find release to discover themselves along a new path?


Part 1 of 2. Trestlebridge is no longer besieged by orcs. In the wake of the battle, three of our heroes reflect on the paths they have chosen which have led them to this moment. As the citizens of Trestlebridge begin to rebuild, they too consider the tracks of their lives and how to pick up the pieces and move on.

Each Storm that Rages

The bard trailed off, as it was quite apparent that the children were no longer paying much attention to the story. He was just getting to the good bit, too. But the family had obviously not been to Archet recently.

“What happened here?” whispered one of the mothers in shock. Her husband held her hand, while the other parents held each other for support. The children, seeing the state of their parents, were mute and somber as well.

The bard cleared his throat. “About a year ago, the brigands hit this town hard.” Seeing the looks in the eyes of his audience, he raised his right hand and placed the other upon his heart. “True story,” he clarified, “not some made-up tale. They called themselves the Blackwolds, and they caused a lot of trouble in Bree-land.”

“Aye, we’d heard of them. We didn’t realize they were brigands, though. They seemed to be on the side of Bree-landers, standing up to the southerners who came trying to take over everything.” The father who had spoken shrugged. “We knew they were thieves and murderers, of course, but since they seemed only to be picking on bullies to begin with, we let it go.”

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And So The Wheel Turns

The wagon clattered over the cobbled streets of Bree, heading toward the dirt trail which led to Combe, and further on, to Archet Dale. The kids peered over the sides of the wagon, looking at the shops which lined the thoroughfare. The effects of the War of the Ring were still visible; a few broken windows were boarded up, and some folk were returning to the few properties which had been abandoned altogether.

At the front of the wagon, the parents of the children conversed quietly with the bard. The grown-ups were talking. “It seems like we are going to be travelling together for some time,” one of the fathers remarked. “Just as well that the kids seem to enjoy having you around.”

“They enjoy having my stories around,” corrected the bard. Continue reading →